Few venture into this cirque, I have been alone on every visit. A not too distant headwall, a narrow valley and steep cliffs define the small glacier that once lived here; my walk through its legacy will take me to the headwall, to its birthplace. A cooling planet allowed snow to accumulate, compact into ice. … Continue reading LAKE AGNES CHAPTER ONE

Moraine Lake

My brief time on this planet, the perspective granted by my short life, moves the patience required for the birth of this lake beyond my imagination—in this instance, my understanding exceeds my imagination. Shaped by a mass of ice that bulldozed its way through this rock, perfected by the brush of more subtle erosive forces, … Continue reading Moraine Lake

Trail of the Cedars

Glacier is a hiking park, it is a place that overwhelms and envelopes anyone willing to wander from the road and expend the energy required to place one foot in front of another. Your feet become an afterthought, your eyes move you forward. Your senses control your pace as you surrender to the sculptured landscape … Continue reading Trail of the Cedars


With each step, I am closer to the river, farther from the rim. The drumbeat of my feet marking my progress, my heartbeat not yet matching my pace. In their own way, each marking my progress through time. I’ve been here before, I’ve done this before, the rhythm is steady. The rising sun reveals diminishing … Continue reading SOUTH KAIBAB TRAIL

Phantom Ranch

The South Kaibab trail twinges in my calves, a gentle reminder of slope rather than distance. An active mind and the irregular cadence of an unknown snorer disrupt my sleep. Five bunk beds fill this small two room cabin; ten of us enduring close proximity, giving up privacy for the privilege of time at the … Continue reading Phantom Ranch

Moose in the Grand Canyon: Chapter Three

  His physical being has been reduced to ash; the weight of the loss is a far greater burden than the small portion I carry in my pack. My headlamp keeps me on the trail; the horizon will hide the sun for another hour. Dark skies are appropriate for the sorrow I feel, but my … Continue reading Moose in the Grand Canyon: Chapter Three