Week 15, 2017

Last week was the 15th week of 2017. Fifteen weeks of stepping on trails, 15 weeks of appreciation. I spent time in the outdoors, time with friends, time with nature, time alone, and time wandering within my imagination. Every day, every experience, every step pushed my thoughts. My mind wanders more than I, its direction often surprises. I thought I would take a light look back at the week, a look at those who shared time on my trail, a look at those who made my mind wander. My trail partners varied, they included everything from pollinators to rabbits.

ash-throated fly catcher Deem Hills 4-11-17 (2)

ash-throated flycatcher

Quail and cactus wrens are rather vociferous, they make their presence known. My ear is not tuned to the flycatchers, my eyes must catch their movement, quick starts and stops define hummingbirds.

great-horned owl nest Desert Vista 4-15-17

great-horned owlets

An active nest ties the great-horned owls to one spot, they have used this nest for 7 years.

desert cottontail Deem Hills 4-11-17 (2)

desert cottontail

Random running with brief stops, I need a quick lens to capture the desert cottontail. In a rare moment of apparent sanity this one posed.

hummingbird Deem Hills 4-14-17 (2)

Life places demands on my time, time in the desert gives me life.


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