Arizona did not match California’s super bloom this year but our wildflowers made their presence known. The picture above is a favorite from another year, it depicts the local wildlife assisting one of our hedgehog cacti, helping the plant propagate the species. Flowers such as the one above and blooms found on the teddy bear cholla below are frequent visitors in the Sonoran Desert. While I enjoy their presence, in this post I will focus on those who visit less often.

teddy bear cholla bloom flower Deem Hills 4-7-17 (5)

Some of the first to arrive this year were the fiddleheads and the poppies, many areas were flooded with the brilliance of the orange and yellow flowers but I like to find more intimate settings, areas that draw me in, force my thoughts into a corner of the desert while still revealing some of the whole.


 Our chicory were sparse, dotting the poppy fields.


Globe mallow generally present numerous blossoms in a random rather gangly appearance but like I view people, I like to look at them as individuals, to seek their uniqueness.

Globe Mallow Deem Hils 3-20-17 (1)

Seeking uniqueness in brittlebush is a bigger challenge as they  often dominating an area with their bright yellow petals.

brittlebush Deem Hills 3-21-17 (6)

But if you focus, you can find what you seek.

brittlebush Deem Hills 3-2--17 (6)

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